A Little About Me...


The first wedding I ever attended (and filmed) was back in 2016, what have I been missing all my life, since then I have been hooked! Such a run of emotions on a wedding day from everyone involved, Bride, Groom and Guests! As a Videographer I consider myself extremely lucky as I get to witness all those special moments and more. Even better I get to capture these moments for you to treasure all of your life. 

My approach is to be as discreet as possible, to the point where you probably won't even notice I'm there. I find this is the best way to capture everything in the moment, the raw emotion and of course the best dance moves! To help me achieve my discreet method, I don't bring the television crew with my large cameras, lights and boom microphones. Instead all of my equipment can fit in my trusty (and stylish, believe me) rucksack and takes seconds to setup. The saying "Less is More" could not be more appropriate!


I love getting to know you, your partner and the story of you as a couple. So let me tell your story for others and yourself to enjoy for years to come.

Georgia x